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On the terrace of The Inside Man, The Hong Riche Maeg or maybe The Thirsty Tongue, the name I may have lost – it was certainly one of the terraces of a snackhut in De Efteling (hot chocolate with whipped cream in Pardoes mug , 4.90, op = op!). I looked out the rides of George and The Dragon and The Flying Dutchman. I sat there with my youngest daughter Lola, while my wife, her mother, my oldest daughter and middle row of one hour defied to George and the Dragon ride. Joris (The Dragon and also, by the way) is a wooden roller coaster. That you do not start thinking crazy things.Previously, I came three times a year in De Efteling (I’m from Tilburg), now it was five years ago I was the last time was with my children. . There, looking at the wooden roller coaster of George and the Dragon, I was, when I was phoned by someone from that DWDD Harry Mulisch was deceased. A bizarre place to the news of Harry’s death to hear the following reasons.

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